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Quick and Easy CDL Medical Exams and Random Drug Tests

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Convenient DOT Physical Exam in Palm Beach County, FL

CDL physical exam for a bus driver in Delray Beach, FL.

Simplify the commercial licensing process by taking our DOT physical exam in Palm Beach County. Rather than making you spend long hours at the DMV or examiner’s office, we’ve streamlined everything to help make getting your truck or bus license much more straightforward. Through flexible scheduling, accurate testing, and proprietary software that automatically sends the results to the relevant institutions, you can obtain or renew your license at your own pace. 

Here at DOTExamsNow, we understand that your time is a valuable commodity. That’s why we strive to provide you with the attention you need for acquiring your CDL license. If your current one has expired or is about to expire, we can get a renewal started right away. Likewise, we’ll help you make sure you’re ready for anything and that you meet all the necessary physical requirements. All appointments are scheduled at your convenience, and we can perform medical examinations at our facility, or we can come to you.

The people that staff the Department of Motor Vehicles locations in Broward and Palm Beach Counties are often overworked and ill-equipped to give you the attention you deserve. As a commercial driver, the

hours you work make spending time at the DMV a losing proposition. You need an efficient way to secure your medical card and renew your license without several wasted trips to the DMV. Our group provides you with what you need to stay on the road and provide for your family.

The CDL Medical Examination, on your Terms

Learn more about DOT and CDL physical requirements before you take your medical exam. Our office makes it easy to complete CDL medical exams wherever it makes the most sense for you. We offer appointments at convenient hours before work and on the weekends. A medical examiner can reserve time for you at our location, or we’ll come to your office.

We understand that your hectic schedule may cause you to lose sight of your expiration date. Any driver that is in need of a last-minute renewal or finds themselves with an expired card should give our offices a call right away. When time is of the essence, you need a more efficient approach to renewing your commercial driver’s license.

Your CDL Medical Card and More

Choose a medical examination provider that understands the needs of commercial drivers and major manufacturers. Dr. Andrew Slatkow is a member of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (#1186533806), and he has completed thousands of exams for companies including:

  • Frito Lay
  • PepsiCo
  • SE Freight Lines
  • Martin Brower

Rely on our office staff when you need a DOT physical or a random drug test. Drug testing is not included as part of our medical examination, but a urine analysis is a mandatory part of the diabetes screen. Each of these services is provided separately, depending on your particular need. We are focused on your satisfaction, so we never waste your time with needless hassles and delays. After your examination is complete, we will upload the results and provide you with a renewed medical card. Ask about our post-accident testing that can keep you on the road.

Drug Screening Services

Urine is collected at the initial exam for a diabetes screening, and DOT drug testing is not included in our process, but we do offer it as a separate service. Our goal is to make everything simpler and more straightforward so that you can succeed. We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction, so you can expect us to go above and beyond for you.

Avoid going to the DMV with our special FREE service 

Why waste your time traveling and to the DMV to show your new medical card when we can do it for you immediately at the time of your examination.

                                                                                 THAT'S RIGHT!     NO GOING TO THE DMV

EXPIRED?  No Pboblem ... Let us take care of it

About Us performs CDL / DOT physicals and Random Drug Tests. We issue driver medical cards to truck and bus drivers in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Our friendly no hassle office and staff will do everything necessary to help you stay current even if it is last minute or your medical card has expired already. We also provide post-accident testing to keep you on the road safely.

Dr Slatkow is a member of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners #1186533806. Our experience of performing over 1000 exams each year for companies such as Frito Lay, Pepsico, SE Freight Lines, Martin Brower we will guarantee you will be happy with our fast and easy process. Our proprietary software we will immediately upload your information to the FMCSA, provide you with a medical card, send you an email with all of your documents and show you how to access your documents from anywhere on the planet on your phone or computer. Before you leave the office your Medical Card will be renewed with the DMV saving you wasted time traveling and waiting in line.  We do not perform drug testing during the exam, however, a urine analysis is mandatory as a diabetes screen unless you require a Random Drug or Alcohol Test.

Appointments are necessary but are available 7 days a week so call now. We offer convenient hours before, after work as well weekends and even come to your business.

DOT clinic in Delray Beach, FL. CDL medical exam for truck drivers in Delray Beach, FL.

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