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Reliable DOT Physical Examinations in Palm Beach County

When it comes to driving a commercial vehicle, it’s crucial for drivers to be in prime condition to hit the road. This is because they will be sitting for long periods of time, and any severe hindrance can potentially place them and others in danger. That’s why you can rely on for quick and easy physical examinations in Palm Beach County. 

To be more specific, a DOT Physical checks a driver’s vision, blood pressure and does a complete review of their medical history. Applicants have to get this done before they can get their commercial driver’s license test done. Large vehicles have a higher risk factor in the event of an accident, which makes a DOT physical an essential part of the process. The process can seem lengthy and thorough, but for good reason; in addition to the above-listed diagnostics, here are some other tests to expect:

  • Hearing Test
  • Urinalysis
  • Blood Pressure/ Pulse Rate
  • General Physical Exam

Whether you’re new in the commercial vehicle industry or getting back behind the wheel, this examination makes sure you’re at peak performance to undertake the long hours and stress of driving cross-country. Contact to learn more about their DOT examination services.